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The innovative Postbiotic solutions dedicated to the psychophysical balance of your body.


PostbiotiX is the first line of food supplements based on postbiotics, natural allies for the well-being of the whole body, suitable for the whole family.

Choose the PostbiotiX product that best suits your needs and discover its numerous benefits.

PostbiotiX for the treatment
of intestinal disorders

The PostbiotiX gastroenterological line offers a remedy against intestinal disorders and inflammatory processes, strengthening the gastric mucosa, a barrier that protects us from infections.


Without bacteria or parts of them

For those with food intolerances

Gluten free

Lactose free

PostbiotiX Restore


Intestinal well-being
Daily reinforcement
Help for the immune system

PostbiotiX Motility


Lazy intestine
Well-being in digestion
Regular intestinal transit

PostbiotiX Comfort


Restoration of the microbiota
Elimination of gas
Intestinal well-being

PostbiotiX Slowing


Gut well-being
Against diarrhea
Microbiota restoration

Intestinal disorders
related to the altered microbiota

The signals of our body are not to be underestimated: intestinal disorders are our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. It is important to act in a targeted manner by recognizing the symptoms promptly.

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