Postbiotica | From Nature the Future of the Healthcare ​
POSTBIOTICA is an innovative Biopharmaceutical Company born to develop a new therapeutic treatments based on new molecules with a high biological impact called POSTBIOTICS. We hold a new fermentative process in which we design e modulate the Postbiotics productions.
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Science Evidence

Our sound scientific mindset drives Our work. We can demonstrate the effect of POSTBIOTICS through the scientific literature.


We can design different POSTBIOTICS molecules thanks to Our innovative fermentative process.

Therapeutic Applications

We work everyday to discover new POSTBIOTICS and their therapeutic applications. We have already identified multiple POSTBIOTICS suitable for different therapeutic areas.


Our team is composed by people with a strongly scientific mindset and specialists, in immune response and in a microbiota field.

Our vision drives our work to improve the technology and discover new possible POSTBIOTIC applications.



Dott. Gianpietro Florenzano


Prof. Maria Rescigno

Founder – CSO

PhD Francesca Algieri


Dott. Giuseppe Penna

Founder – Director, R&D