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About us


Postbiotica is a new and dynamic biotechnology company, the result of years of research and experimentation by the team led by Prof. Maria Rescigno, one of the most authoritative figures on the study of the microbiota.

With the aim of seeking innovation in nature to make it available to people’s well-being, we at Postbiotica have devised a new fermentation process called PBTech®.

We are committed to making people aware of their microbiota, the invisible organ, by providing the most effective and natural knowledge and tools to manage and nourish it in the best possible way.

Our story

The production of postbiotics
according to nature


Thanks to our patented PBTech® technology, we are able to carry out the natural fermentation of bacteria and produce postbiotics from different strains, ready for different uses.

We strongly believe in innovation at the service of people and their daily well-being and we work with passion to offer a wide range of safe, natural and effective postbiotic-based products.

The creation of new products, their continuous improvement and the demonstration of their effectiveness go through an investment in research and development which is the foundation of our work.

Top Ten
Biotech Start-up
in Europe 2021

Our Team


Postbiotics is made up of people with a strongly scientific mindset and specialists in the immune response and in the field of the microbiota.

Our work is guided by a vision projected towards the improvement of technology and the discovery of new possible applications of postbiotics.

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