Immune defenses, metabolism and digestion:
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A healthy microbiota contributes positively to the balance of our entire body.


During our life, this invisible organ is influenced by various factors such as aging, stress, antibiotic intake, diet. For this reason it is important to take effective and safe supplements to restore correct bacterial flora.


What is the microbiota?

The set of microorganisms that populate our entire body: the skin, the respiratory tract, the urogenital tract, the eyes and, above all, the gastrointestinal tract.

How does the microbiota work?

The microbiota forms a physical and functional “barrier” that counteracts the colonization of the intestine by pathogenic microbes and produces substances that hinder and destroy them, defending itself and, consequently, also our body.

What is the role of the microbiota?

Some of the microorganisms present in the microbiota establish a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with our body, stimulating the immune system, allowing correct absorption of food and direct protection from pathogenic bacteria. The microbiota has a beneficial effect not only in the intestine, but on the whole body, also affecting cognitive functions and mood.

What is the difference between microbiota and intestinal flora?

None. In fact, intestinal flora and intestinal microbiota are the same thing. The microbiota is also present in other tissues and organs, from the skin to the oral cavity, from the genital organs to the various sections of the airways.

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