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PostbiotiX: your new ally for well-being

Feb 28, 2022 | News

Postbiotica launches on the market a line of food supplements – PostbiotiX– based on postbiotics, dedicated to the psychophysical balance of the organism.

We are used to thinking that a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are more than enough to keep us healthy, but this is often not the case. Concrete help to regain internal balance in the body comes from postbiotics, capable of counteracting inflammatory processes and regulating intestinal well- being.

Postbiotics derivenaturally from probiotics, they are biologically active, stable and safe agents, easily absorbed by the intestine, as well as having the great ability to regularize the intestine, promoting the growth of bacterial flora.

Thanks to the innovativePBTech® technology, created and patented by Postbiotica, it is possible to produce postbiotics through a natural fermentation process: this technology allows them to be obtained with different functional properties attributable to specific selected bacterial strains.


PostbiotiX, the line against intestinal disorders

The PostbiotiX gastroenterological line offers a remedy against intestinal disorders and inflammatory processes, strengthening the gastric mucosa (the barrier that protects us from infections).

Currently the research conducted by the Postbiotica team has led to the development of two products for this line:

PostbiotiX Restore is the first new product, a food supplement easily absorbed by our intestine, effective in intestinal rebalancing and suitable for those with food intolerances.

Thanks to its main ingredient, the postbiotic, our product helps to counteract inflammatory processes and regulate intestinal well-being, helping to restore and maintain the healthy microbiota.

PostbiotiX Motility is the second product, a food supplement created to regulate intestinal transit in case of lazy intestine.

Thanks to the combined action of the postbiotic with mallow and tamarind, which contribute to the normal volume and consistency of stool, PostbiotiX Motility is indicated in situations of slowed intestinal transit with an evacuation rate of less than 3 times a week.
With the addition of plum and vitamin B3, it helps to keep the digestive system and intestinal mucosa healthy, so as to regain its natural regularity.

PostbiotiX products are an effective and natural help to find, or strengthen, the body’s psychophysical balance.

The microbiota acts on the intestine by favoring or counteracting the production of certain substances, peptides which, secreted by its walls, enter the bloodstream and reach the brain, conditioning the mood of the individual.

Knowing and improving one’s internal balance has a benefit for the whole body, not only at the intestinal level, but also and above all at an emotional level.

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