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Maria Rescigno and the book to learn about the microbiota

Apr 28, 2022 | News

“Microbiota, the secret weapon of the immune system. Knowing and taking care of the best friend of our health “is the new book written by Prof. Maria Rescigno, Head of the Mucosal and Microbiota Immunology Unit of the Hospital and Humanitas University and Co-founder of Postbiotica.

The book is about the microbiota, the set of all the microorganisms that “live” in our intestine, a microcosm whose key role in regulating our health is being discovered in recent years.

How does the microbiota, our secret weapon, work?

If our microbiota is in harmony, the “good” bacteria are in balance with the “bad ones”, our health has an excellent ally. When the balance is brokenand the microbiota is altered, we face various risks, such as intestinal discomfort, abdominal swelling, sluggish intestines or other problems.

Our body sends us signals continuously:for example we can observe our skin, evaluate if the intestine is regular, if the belly is swollen, but also symptoms such as back pain, stomach and digestion problems, constipation or insomnia are often linked to the malaise of the microbiota.


Create your own internal balance

The goal of the book is to bring people closer to the microbiota, raise awareness on the subject and make them understand the importance of implementing some simple practices to improve the balance of this microbial ecosystem that is fundamental for the whole organism.

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