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Fooderapy: healthy food, suitable for everyone

Apr 28, 2022 | News

Fooderapy is an innovativehealthy foodstartup whose goal is to offer healthy meals at home and tailored to everyone’s needs, thanks to the work of specialist dieticians in collaboration with expert chefs.

The project stems from the now consolidated evidence that incorrect eating and living habits can affect the functions of the human body and cause a series of diseases. Just as the lifestyle of Western society, with hectic times, involves a lack of time that inevitably spills over to food, for example, resulting in a reduction in attention to the control of ingredients.

Fooderapy’s goal, through a team of specialists, is to follow the subject in a path aimed at identifying themost appropriate diet, offering related ready-made dishes to be consumed wherever you are, to ensure well-being through nutrition.

The personal path can be further integrated by answering asimple questionnaire that allows you to create menus based on your personal food preferences.

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