Postbiotica | PB TECH®
POSTBIOTICA is an innovative Biopharmaceutical Company born to develop a new therapeutic treatments based on new molecules with a high biological impact called POSTBIOTICS. We hold a new fermentative process in which we design e modulate the Postbiotics productions.
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Our technology PBTECH® is an innovative fermentation strategy to produce different POSTBIOTICS.

Depending on the strain, the fermentation process and culture conditions, we can control the type of POSTBIOTICS that we produce.

Thanks to PBTECH® it is possible to produce different POSTBIOTICS with distinct immunomodulatory properties to modulate and restore immune homeostasis.

PBTECH® allows us to produce different POSTBIOTICS starting from the same strain.



  • SAFE

    Total absence of living bacteria and their harmful components


    Innovative fermentation process can lead to reproducible and consistent POSTBIOTIC production
    No need for bacterial growth or colonization in human gut


    Higher concentration of POSTBIOTICS active components