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Postbiotica wins BIOUPPER

Ago 7, 2018 | In Equilibrio

Postbiotica has presented the new technology to modulate the production of bacterial metabolites, called Postbiotics. Postbiotica has been selected among 151 projects by Bioupper. Bioupper is a training and acceleration platform and converts and enhances he best ideas for entrepreneurial initiatives. It is an initiative promoted by Novartis and the Cariplo Foundation, in collaboration with PoliHub and with the scientific validation of Humanitas University.

Thanks to the incubation and acceleration process, Postbiotica has developed new communication and marketing skills that have led it to be one of the three winning startups of the competition. The Ministry of Health hosted the final of the competition during which a team of experts was asked to evaluate and select the best projects.

Postbiotica develops new therapies based on bacterial derivatives, obtained thanks to an innovative fermentation process, to naturally prevent and treat a wide range of inflammations: allergic reactions, inflammatiory bowel diseases, dermatological, ocular and uro-genital tract. “I am very happy to be able to reward the winners of the second edition. This initiative is continuing to grow is testament to its strength and validity, thanks to the collaboration between institutions, research institutes, researchers, healthcare facilities, companies and investors – explained Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin – the program highlights our ability to do research and innovation, especially in the biomedical field, where our researchers distinguish themselves for a very high level training.

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