Postbiotica | Pipeline
POSTBIOTICA is an innovative Biopharmaceutical Company born to develop a new therapeutic treatments based on new molecules with a high biological impact called POSTBIOTICS. We hold a new fermentative process in which we design e modulate the Postbiotics productions.
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POSTBIOTICS will share the probiotic market* and will permeate specific markets for different applications:

– Medical Device

– Cosmetics

– Nutraceuticals

*Probiotics market size is expected to reach 52 Billions US$ in 2020

We are on the Market with an innovative food supplement for newborns and for pet care.



Postbiotica is developing an eye drop ingredient to treat allergic conjunctivitis and Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis (VKC), a chronic bilateral inflammation of the conjunctiva. Postbiotics can be preventive or used for chronic care without side effects thanks to their immunomodulatory properties. Postbiotics create a barrier in the eye preventing the entrance of allergens and infectious agents across mucosal surfaces.


Skin inflammation is a therapeutic area in which Postbiotica is strongly involved. Postbiotica is developing a portfolio of products for dermocosmetic applications. Postbiotics inhibit inflammatory cytokine production and restore natural immunological homeostasis. We aim to use our products for a whole range of applications: skin allergic reactions, erythema, exfoliation, dry skin, and dandruff.

Baby Care

Postbiotica has developed and marketed one of its Postbiotics in collaboration with SMARTFARMA. This Postbiotic helps to protect newborns against infections. Postbiotics are safe for newborns because they are totally lacking live bacteria. Prolonged assumption of live bacteria can be dangerous in a host that has not yet developed a mature immune system.


Postbiotica believes in human as well animal healthcare. We are developing a new portfolio of products to ensure and improve animal quality of life, to prevent and treat inflammatory disorders.